Friday, February 20, 2004

Simple Plan

A Simple Plan: make lots of money by catering to the lowest common denominator.

Okay, I do not own one of their albums. I have only been exposed to their product on MTV and radio. It's not that they create horrible music- it is just devoid of meaning, expression, any sort of compassion for anything. The whiny voice makes me cringe every time I'm not thinking how much money they're making. During that one song, where they prance around on the roof of that house while "not being perfect" (and evidently they are hardcore for "playing" their electrical instruments in a rainstorm) there's this moment where a build-up sounds like it's going to go somewhere, it builds a bit, and then some more, and while wailing whiny voices assail our auditory channels, suddenly everything drops out. Yes, I am aware that this is an artistic technique- I am also aware that the following verse with a wussy keyboard line and equally if not super-wussy vocals pains me inside. Wait, two guitar players, a bass player, a drummer and a whiner... Where's that keyboard sound coming from? Oh...

Time for sample lyrics from Simple Plan: "Everyday is the worst day ever". "Summer plans are gone forever / I’d trade them in for dishpan water" "Nothing last for ever / I'm sorry I can't be perfect" (lyrics taken from their website, evidently their agreement in numbers for verbs isn't perfect either).

But don't just take my opinion on this matter. By all means, consult some of their greatest fans ( review of their latest CD)

Review: Five Stars i luv simple plan but not as much as gc!!!!, February 17, 2004
Reviewer: chubbyoscar (see more about me) from sacramento,ca usa
i luv this cd!if u like good charlotte then u will definetly like simple plan!my favorite song is either perfect or im just a kid!there are a lot of catchy songs on the cd,and right now i have im just a kid stuck in my head!if u dont have this cd u better go get it!

david is my favorite!he is the base player!!!
i luv joel madden more than u!!!!!!!

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