Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Two subjects in one post! *gasp*

In a current bid to elevate my status in Nerdtonia, here is my current preoccupation (update: 5/4/2015. "Zelda: Ocarina of Time"). As I've been playing through it, everyone has been telling me it's such a "great game". Roommates, suitemates, kids with scruffy beards that wear only black and grey, kids across the hall. I guess it had better pick up then- thus far it's been a pretty good addition to the series; however, the controls are a little choppy, the camera angle can be very annoying, and most of the puzzles are deceptively easy- to the point where every once in a while, you get one of those really annoyingly easy puzzles that is sitting, both mockingly and precariously, between you and the next plot advancement (for example, breaking wooden boxes does not involve hitting them with your huge, chunky sword, but rather rolling into them). I remain optimistic, however; perhaps it will get better when/if I get the boomerang.

In other unrelated, unimportant developments, Yahoo Mail decided to up my storage capacity for e-mails from a relatively unreachable 100.00 MB maximum to a staggering 250.00 MB. I was even a little saddened to see my slowly creeping 16% of capacity meter fall to a measly 6%. Wow, that is sad (that I cared a little about that, not that it happened). Uh, so send me a lot of attachments and stuff. I guess.

(*Update: 5/4/2015. We've come a looooonnnggg way as far as email storage limits go.)


  1. MSN/Hotmail went up too. It's all the heat that Gmail is generating. (I have some invites btw if you want one.) Google said, "Hey - we're gonna give you 1 GB of mail space!" so the other guys had to step up.

    Meanwhile, NetZero will graciously allow you 2MB of storage space. They'll even let you pay to upgrade to 25MB!

  2. yeah, I was about to post that hotmail upped storage too but I guess that is old news. Anyway, I have the whole week after Chrstmas off. Woohoo!

    P.S. did you play POP yet?

  3. Oh yeah, no I didn't. Not yet, I've been working on writing an academic paper on the Simpsons; and playing the aforementioned Zelda game.

    (POP= Prince of Persia: The sands of time, which Tina bought for me for $8 at a garage sale. Rock On!)