Tuesday, November 09, 2004

What I may have learned today.

Austria has a policy of permanent neutrality, despite joining the European Union in 1995.

In terms of field dependence learning styles, I am more of a field independent learner. I "enjoy analyzing grammar structures" and "prefer working alone to working with other people." However, I am "less skilled in interpersonal/social relationships" and "need a quiet environment in order to concentrate well."

One must pay FSU $30 in order to prove to the Man that one is computerly competent.

I enjoy making up words like "computerly".

One must have an idea of what to "get out of the [FSU] career center" before stumbling in and asking the counselors what's up. Without an idea, the counselors will typically sit someone in front of a large file of articles detailing, for example, various people's success stories and "interesting careers" in Psychology.

FSU's radio station, WVFS 87.9, does not have The Police's "So Lonely" in its library, but the host will play "De do do do, de da da da" upon its request (close enough).

Apparently, professors sometimes employ substitute teachers to instruct the classes they cannot attend. Can I send in a substitute student?


It seems Britney Spears just keeps on breaking all the rules...
like the one I made that says that she's not allowed to release a greatest hits CD.


  1. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Brittney Spears and a greatest hits cd......that makes me sick. I thought you had to actually have hits in order to make a cd of greatest hits. Computerly is a good word. I think it will catch on soon.

  2. According to one of my professors, the EU is designed to eventually remove all borders and distinctions between European countries. I am personally astounded of the success so far. Only Britain has not agreed to give up their currency in favor of the Euro. And Germany not only gave up its money, it agreed to structural changes in its language as well (umlauts are verboten in the EU).

    I don't know what a field dependence learning style is. But that sounds about right.

    I paid the $30! I would have paid $50 not to have to sit there and actually take the test.

    I knew what I wanted out of the FSU career center (a job) and I even happened to have a friend who worked there. So I scheduled an appointment to meet with her, and I told her ahead of time exactly what I was looking for. We ended up sitting in front of a very small file of articles and talking about how I could (maybe) use my degree in Music to get a job in another field.

    Belmont does not have a radio station. I think Vanderbilt does, but I refuse to listen to it. (I also refuse to call it "Vandy".) I like to mock Vanderbilt students by putting a peace sign (aka "V") up to my forehead. I'm really hoping that will catch on.

    I was a substitute teacher last week, for a professor who was out of town. And let me tell you, I wish some of those wankers had sent substitute students in, because the ones that were there were about as responsive as dog food.

    Britney Spears is now Britney Federline, which is one of those names I'm not quite sure how to pronouce. I predict that this will be her downfall.