Sunday, December 19, 2004


What is ... the number of Christmas songs I sat through tonight?

I didn't realize there were so many Christmas "standards". I realized tonight that I can't tolerate anymore holiday music. My body is rejecting it. It's hampering my songwriting. It's dulling my senses. I mean, the performance was laudatory (especially everyone remembering where to go and what to sing), but it was really just a Christmastime musical overdose. And SLC was good enough, back in the day. But still, no amount of jazzed-up arrangements makes up for hearing the same jolly/somber tune hundreds of times. And it's not like I fully endorse new Christmas songs- the whole effect is having the song established as an everlasting association with the winter holiday season, and any new songs would have to spend a few years working hard to gain my respect. But, I just need some time without Christmas songs... like 3-4 years. Then, maybe. And what day is it... the 18th? Crap, they even play Christmas songs after Christmas, so it'll be a good couple of weeks before it's over.


  1. hey... i stumbled onto your blog--i really enjoyed it... perhaps you'd like to read mine too? i've been posting things i've written on there... please post comments!! i want to know what others think of my writing so i know if i should continue or not (i've only been writing like 2 weeks)

  2. Christmas music sucks.

    And sorry Mike, but I only read blogs written by cute girls. Nice try, though. You sure do know how to use a thesaurus in a creepy, manic depressive, mildly schizophrenic kind of way.