Sunday, December 05, 2004


I suggest that everyone out there keep a personal journal/diary of your daily, mundane experiences. Sure, sometimes it'll become repetitive and stale, but just stick with it, and someday you can go back and read such gems as...

So the wisdom teeth operation went well monday... they just took an X-ray, stuck me with the IV, which was scary... and went at it. All i can remember is Dr. Burns saying “I need a haircut” before he started, and maybe an episode, where there was something in my lap, and i dropped it or something, and the nurse was like “oh that’s okay’ cuz i said i was sorry. Anyway. I got done, and there was crap in my mouth, and i couldn’t talk and whatsuch. And when i got home, i went to sleep, and then like mom was so out of it. I was coughing on my own blood, and trying to say, “can i change the cotton things myself?” and she just didn’t get it, she was ordering me around like a child. So i got mad at her... eh. It wasn’t that bad. Then i went driving tuesday... not a good idea...

This is from that one time where I had my six wisdom teeth removed.

I have also become interested in reading biographies, so ... if you ever get famous you'll have quite a lot of material that your biographer will feel obligated to read, but won't use because it's mostly useless.


  1. I'm not big on journals. I prefer the inaccuracy and exaggeration of personal accounts.

    "There we were, smack in the middle of Paris and incredibly hungry - we hadn't eaten since Morocco two days before. So Brandon gets this outrageous idea to steal a loaf of bread from a local shopkeeper. They caught him and sentenced him to hard labor on a prison ship. He escaped and had various and sundry adventures while being pursued by a police officer. Eventually we got around to doing that third record."-From "Behind the Music"

  2. P.S. - Your site format is all messed up.

    The Net Police

  3. wow, Brandon's story is very similar to Jean Valjean's in Les Miserables. Hmm...

    Anyway, Thats funny what you said about mom ordering you around and you not being able to say anything because it was the same way when I got my wisdom teeth out. I kept saying, "Shut up" and it came out like "suh-uh!!" Drove me nuts! here's my journal from that experience:

    Thursday, May 6th, 2004
    11:56 am You know what sucks?
    Getting four teeth ripped out of your head. That sucks. I feel like Homer on the episode of the Simpsons where he gets his jaw wired shut and all he does is listen to everyone's problems and nod vigorously. I've wanted to tell everyone to shut up but it just comes out,"shht uhh!!!!" Grrr. I am mad. My mom is ticking me off today because I can't communicate with her. Grr.

    On the up side, I'm in the paper today with my friend and that's pretty sweet. Too bad my cheeks are the size of grapefruits and I can't swallow. Ugg. At least I have some happy drugs to get through the pain. yay for happy drugs. I think I need some now because I hurt again. Bye.