Wednesday, December 01, 2004


ACNS will begin charging $0.05 per printed page starting Spring '05.

"The Dude minds. This will not stand, you know, this agression will not stand, man."

This is pretty shocking- going from 35 free printed pages per day in the computer labs to charging $0.05 per page. Why don't they just enforce the limit, or lower the limit, or both? I'm sure this new policy will deter an abuse of the system, but it's pretty upsetting to me.

Next thing you know they'll be making us pay for our parking permits, football tickets, rock concerts, top-notch movies... Hey, I guess it's not that bad afterall. Oh well, maybe I'll just get a printer.

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  1. They make us pay for all printouts here too ... of course Belmont is a much smaller, private university. Although as a grad student I do have limited free access to a copier. (Yay!)

    When I was there, they didn't have any way to enforce or even track the print limit. They basically relied on the honor system, which is dumb. With so many CS majors, you'd think they would figure out how to track pages printed per day by login.

    /up way too late shirking schoolwork again