Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Back in town today, and I'm perfectly, perfectly okay.

I received that same strange feeling of distant recognition previously discussed when I made it into T-tilly-tally-sass-ville today. As soon as I was in range, I cranked the radio to 89.7 WVFS, The Voice of Florida State. I head this crazy drone that sounded like someone sat on a few keyboard keys with distortion on and this faint hum/drone whistle that came in and out of auditory perception every few seconds. It stayed with the same notes pressed down for a good three minutes, and I knew I was back (I think the DJ said it was by somebody/group called "growing"- I could be wrong). When I got into town, the moment I turn off the air and roll down the windows, I hear firetruck sirens.

Theo, my Asian RA, put up pictures of the same two football guys on every door, writing the residents' names on them.

Then, thefacebook.com... Yeah, I got a profile there. What? Wanna fight about it?


My classes, you ask? The whole reason I'm back in Tallahassee? College education? Yeah, I guess they're gonna be cool. /Not too worried about it. Not too stoked about it either. Well, there you go.

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  1. I dunno what thefacebook.com is, but my school isn't supported! Time to make some fakey fake profiles. Ah, so many choices. Mizzou or Gonzaga? They're both so much fun to say.