Sunday, January 23, 2005

Best College Decision Ever (Reason # 337654).

Sometimes thumbing through the "Rock Budget" used CDs section of your local waycool Vinyl Fever establishment for the thirty minutes before you hear a set from Camper van Beethoven is rewarding.

I heard a few clips from this group online last month, and the only thing I remembered about them was that the clips didn't suck and their website was set up with a nautical-type map. That last part was what stuck with me, and when I saw this disc with an island and water on the front, it caught my attention. I was confused, because I knew this disc just came out. So I bought it. $3.99 for The Features' Exhibit A, which turned out to be surprisingly entertaining. There's not really anything bad I can say about it. Nothing really new going on, and they summon some spirits from the past, but it's really just a jolly good time.

Then, Camper van Beethoven played, and it was cool.


  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    I spend about 17% of my life looking through the used racks at the Feve. Last week I got Centro-Matic. They're ok.

  2. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Oh yeah, this is Jessica btw.

  3. Rawk! I had a serious debate with myself about whether to go spend some money at Grimey's yesterday. I wanted to, but at the same time I have more than enough music to listen to already. So I made a compromise. I went and bought Brian Wilson's "Smile" because I figured I owed him one for "Pet Sounds". Man, this is a crazy good record.

  4. Yeah, it's enticing to look through all the used stuff- always a few things that you "need" in there. I listened to "Smile". It was indeed very cool. Did you read that part in the booklet where it said it was recorded live? dude....