Monday, January 17, 2005


Note: Friday the 13th (Part One) wasn't the cinematic classic I figured it was. Jason isn't even the villain in this one.

Parts two and three are much worse. Part two has a 7 minute opening "summary" of part one that consists of a string of clips ripped from the first film. Part three has a similar 7 minute intro that takes the last scenes of part two, unedited, and presents them as a summary of everything that has happened in the series so far. First of all, anyone who hasn't seen Friday the 13th Parts one or two, and decides to watch the third part anyway will not understand anything of what is happening for the first ten minutes. This feeling of confusion will extend into the following 20 minutes that depict a scene with an adult couple that has nothing to do with any other part of the movie or series and is really not that exciting at all.

Doesn't look like 4-10 will be getting much better.


  1. You gotta watch the Halloween, man! I saw the ending once, I think. It was kinda scary.

    Putting that Blockbuster deal to good use, eh?

  2. Nah, we didn't start the DVD month-long rental deal at Blockbuster (though one of my friends at UCF did, and he's just switching 'em in and out and burning copies). But guess what? The Blockbuster here chose not to follow the nationwide change to no late fees! Is that legal? Now, their late fees are reduced to like $2 a day (50 cents for old movie rentals). Dag, yo.

  3. Legal? Yeah.

    Smart? No.

    I wonder how many times a day they get yelled at for having late fees now.