Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My Potpourri Post.

First, Props

Props to Mr. Schmeichel, my General Psychology Grad-student instructor from last semester, for remembering my name and enjoying that smoke on the steps of the Psychology building like the rebellious youth from the 80s we all know you are.

Additional props go to Ray Tomlinson, forgotten inventor of the electronic mail message. I rather enjoy email.

Perculiar Combinations

Penne Pasta + Crushed Cheez-Its.

Sandwich + Tangy Tomato Bacon salad dressing.

Barbeque Sauce + Anything.


Whoa, Olivia H.? What's that... 8 years since I've attended elementary school? Whoa/cool.

And as for all you "I went to the same high school as you plus or minus 2 years" people who solicit invites to me, well, I'll list you, but don't think anything of it. I know I don't.

[rant]This is part of the reason I avoided this thefacebook service; everyone was jumping on the facebook and it seems like such an ego booster, oooh, add friends, hundreds of people, blah. Although it has its moments (seeing a snapshot of what your former/distant friends are doing at the moment), much of it is just so much ... superficialegotisticalI'msogreateveryonelovesme fodder.[/rant]


  1. One night Joe swore to me that one of the culinary masterpieces of college-style cooking was mac and cheese with cheddar Chex Mix in it. Or rather, generic cheddar Chex Mix. It was called Pub and Club Cheddar Snack Mix.

    It was about the tastiest thing ever. Other options include pretzels, various meats (we tried chicken and ham, it was good), bacon (yes it's a meat but it gets its own category), and Doritos/Fritos/non-potato-based snack chips.

    I used to love Totino's Party Pizzas with some delicious BBQ sauce on the side. I can't even look at them anymore. I estimate I ate between 150-200 throughout my college career.

    In a desperate supermarket moment the other day, I bought some generic Totino's (yes, Kroger brand "Pizza Buddies" or whatever they were called). They were 3 for $2. You can't beat that. Unfortunately, they taste awful. By which I mean they have no taste at all. I bet they'd still be good with BBQ sauce though.

    I had a Tangy Tomato Bacon sandwich the other day. Mmmmm.

    My attempts at fakery via facebook have been thwarted, at least temporarily. Time to go a-huntin' for some Gonzaga e-mail addresses!

  2. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Facebook is just good clean old fashioned F-U-N. Suck it up buddy.


  3. Oh Facebook, why do you taunt me?!? Even armed with an appropriate fake Gonzaga e-mail address, you require direct confirmation! And although you can register as an alumnus, FSU does not grant e-mail addresses to alumni!

    Just you wait, Facebook. Your time is gonna come, and it shan't be pretty.

  4. Take Steps to adding a new school.
    Looks more complicated than it's worth.

    Didn't you mention once that you still had access to your garnet account?


  5. Done. How did you find that page? I tried looking for some way to add a new school.

    I used to have access, but they removed it. And I didn't see a way to get an alumni e-mail account. Got any buddies in CS that can hook a brother up?

    Not like I need another e-mail address. I only have 8.