Monday, January 17, 2005


Phenomenal writing:

George: My dream is to become hopeless. When you're hopeless, you don't care about anything. You become indifferent, and that makes you attractrive.
Jerry: So, the key is hopelessness.
George: That's my only hope.

Elaine: You know what's wrong with you? Your standards are too high.
Jerry: I went out with you.
Elaine: That's because my standards are too low.

George: What kind of hair?
Jerry: Long, dark hair.
George: Is it Flowing?
Jerry: Flowing?
George: Thick, lusterous hair is very important to me.
...If you stick your hand in the hair, is it easy to get it out?
Jerry: Do you wanna be able to get it out, or do you not want to be able to get it out?
George: I think I'll want to be able to get it out

George: What about the skin? Cheeks are very important to me. Is there a pinkish hue?
Jerry: A pinkish hue?
George: Yes, a rosy glow.
Jerry: There's a hue.

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  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    It's a junior mint...It's very refreshing!