Thursday, February 17, 2005

The 101ers

Okay, so I lied. Sue me. ... Actually, don't.

I have a good reason for updating though- publicity for a band (I guess that's my... "job" now, huh?).

Asobi Seksu.

Frikkin' yeah, man.

These guys just went up on stage and OWNED. They had this thing where they flipped on a strobe light, and everyone went crazy except for the girl lead singer, who stood there pressing down her distorted chord and looking like some sort of monument... of rock.

They were just awesome. At the end of the last song, the bass player loosened up his bottom two strings and just started banging them around. Most of the lyrics were in Japanese! The drummer was a monster! Seriously, Asobi Seksu win the award.

And then, I wanted to complain a little about my state of being. I have to pen this article on this group of metal hardcore bands (none of whom like to respond to emails) that are playing Big Daddy's March 1st. I realized I would not love everything I wrote about, but come on... Just to let you know, here's the list of band names: It Dies Today, If Hope Dies, Twelve Tribes, Anterrabae, and Winter Solstice. Come on... If I had a hardcore band, it'll be called The Shredders (or The Gainesvillains), or, simply "I'll Rip Your Face Off".


  1. Anonymous2:06 AM

    Boooooo...Panda is the only halfway decent "hardcore" band in this town right now. Sucks for you.

  2. So Asobi Seksu is a New York noise-pop band. Sounds cool. They get bonus points for name-checking Stereolab in their bio.

    You should uphold the fine FSView tradition and write the worst article ever on those hardcore bands. Try to find ways to cleverly mask your bias. Take quotes out of context (or even better, make them up).