Friday, February 11, 2005

Another movie post.

Top awesome things about Shaun of the Dead:

1) The entire movie.
2) The video game Ed and Shaun are playing is TIMESPLITTERS 2, quite possibly the best console first person shooter ever created. (The game does not have the voiceover that the movie presented ["player 2 has now entered the game"], but I found its addition as being useful.)
3) Shaun sees a clip of the Smiths performing 'Panic' on TV: Panic on the streets of London/ Panic on the streets of Birmingham... so fitting.
4) The three or four times the word "exacerbate" comes up in the dialogue.
5) The clip on TV at the end with Coldplay.
6) The entire movie.

This movie did a wonderful rip of Dawn of the Dead (I've only seen the remake, but nonetheless...).

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  1. Did I or did I not tell you this was a great movie? I probably didn't, but it is.