Friday, February 25, 2005

Books. Books.

I wake up to go to my one, boring, Friday class and I get repaid by getting rained on. And it wasn't even one of those substantial, soak-you-to-the-bone rains. I could have gone for one of those (despite the newly hashed hole in my left shoe). No, it was one of those wimpy drizzles that got me wet and upset.

I am (actively) reading three books: Catch As Catch Can (thanks, Tina!), a wondiferous collection of short stories and writings by Joseph Heller (I just reread Catch-22, a masterpiece, and am using this collection as a bridge to the sequel, Closing Time [thanks, Brandon! - I stole it from you], because it contains one or two stories left out of Catch-22, and one or two stories that are chapters from Closing Time).

The other book, A Plague Upon Humanity (thanks, Strozier!) is a book I found in the library last year on the Japanese germ warfare and experimentation techniques used during World War II. I never got to finish it, but instead of rereading all the stuff that I read and probably forgot, I'm just gonna start up on the last couple of chapters. It was really gruesome reading, as I recall, and now it's getting up to the part where none of the head researchers were punished, and where America knew about it and made a deal with them.

The third book, Fight Club (thanks, Matt!), I started last night. Very terse, choppy style- don't know if I like it yet (only read a dozen pages or so).

Oh, yeah. I am also reading The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction (thanks, Jessica!). It has short stories I read back in the day in AP Hammond, and some things I really wanted to read over the years ("Heart of Darkness"). I am not (obviously) reading through the whole thing, but am picking the things that sound cool enough.

And, when I checked out that one book, I picked up another one about Cognitive Psychology. I also have a shelf full of books here and several shelves of books at home that I haven't read yet. I also have lists of books recommended to me by people I hold in high esteem (Hammond, and this graduate student Mark I work with) that I really need to start reading. I also have my own list of books that I'd like to get and read. Then, there are always the classics I haven't read. I'd also like to read the New York Times (or Google News, or Fark) a lot more than I do already. A lot more.

I should quit school so I can read full-time.


  1. I bought Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and America: the Book today. We'll see how those are.

  2. My friend read America the book and she loved it. She's my vegan, feminist, Bush-hating friend so be forewarned. I am currently reading the Time travelers Wife and very much enjoying it. Have you seen Fight Club the movie? Good and weird.

  3. Have I ever seen the movie? Naturlich. Matt has it. Main reason I wanted to read the book.

    Matt also has America the book. He got it as a gift last semester. I haven't looked at it at all.

    Huckabees Rules!!!

  4. My vegan, feminist, Bush-hating, law student friend recommended it. So that's cool. Anyway, I like Jon Stewart and so far the book is incredibly funny. It's laid out like a textbook. You guys should read it.