Sunday, February 20, 2005

Coffee and articles.

Also, you did a really excellent job with your first
article. Lynn told me there was almost no formatting
stuff that had to be corrected, and I thought the
actual content was great.

keep up the good work!

-- matt

Who... little ol' me? Shucks...

I would keep up the good work, however, this band doesn't want to answer my questions and my deadline's tomorrow. Oh well, I'll probably get an extension and write some hogwash about them when they finally respond (I've managed to write half the article without the answers to my questions, and with very little biographical information).


On an unrelated note (I think), I've taken up drinking coffee. I don't believe that I feel the effects of it, but I think it's cool. I started with a pretty innocuous white chocolate mocha from starbucks, and then I bought a cafe latte mix at publix (which, surprisingly, I think is better than the cafe latte I got yesterday at starbucks). Then I got this idea to write a short story about this guy who sits, blowing on coffee, but not drinking it. Then he goes on about the social implications about "getting a cup of coffee" and such.


I Heart Huckabees is this week, and I'm not afraid to say that the committee picked Sideways, Meet the Fockers, Finding Neverland, The Motorcycle Diaries, The Return, Kinsey, The Life Aquatic, Ocean's Twelve, and The Incredibles (I'm pretty sure, but not certain about those last three) to show later this spring semester. Wow.
(Edit: Also showing Clueless, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and some other movie as midnight movies.)

Oh yeah, and midnight movie Clue was awesome, as expected. "I will expose myself!" "Please, there are ladies present!"


  1. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Is the ladies room down the hall?

    Oui Oui!

    No, I just have to powder my nose.

    -thats the only line I remember.

  2. Anonymous12:03 PM

    The reason you like the mix better than the one from Starbucks is because IT IS PURE SUGAR. You're not used to the taste of coffee yet. Cofffeeeeeee. Wooonderfuuul Coooffeeeee...I'm gonna go make some now.

  3. Yeah, I'm trying to ease (wean?) myself into the strong stuff. Actually, I had this really strong turkish coffee at the sheesha nights...whoa. It was like eating the grounds- it got all gritty at the end. But it came in one of those tiny mugs, like in that first sketch in coffee and cigarettes, and I got to act cool and pick it up grasping the rim, and not the little handle.

  4. Wow, they have this new comments screen! And they let me delete comments now! Total reign!