Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I wonder about things like if I had more resources, would I do grand things? If I had my own personal studio with any instrument I can imagine (and I can imagine some pretty funky ones, mind you) would I work away in it diligently? As cheesy as it sounds, I partially buy into that mindset that I have everything I need and that wanting something is most of the fun, and once you have it (unless you try hard), you take it for granted and want more.

That "diligently" up there reminded me of my session working the psychology lab today. They had me writing filler sentences (material that sounds like the experimental sentences they use, put in the study as a control) about people seeing and doing things. I wrote sentences like "Working with great care, the old man diligently dusted the [teapot] that was on the shelf" and "After loading the children into the wagon, there was little room left for their toys". It becomes quite difficult after a couple hours, thinking of fresh ways of writing sentences. It sucked the life out of me.

I shouldn'tave bought my Theories of Personality textbook; the prof. had a target copy pack that was just a huge outline of the book, and I didn't get that because I already had the book and I could write an outline just like that. Turns out (from the looks of my first test in there today) that I should have bought the $15 target pack instead of the $90 textbook. $90 - $15 = How many CDs from Vinyl Fever?

Too many.

Too many.

(Funny how I started this post with a comment about already having everything I need, and ended it with a comment about not having CDs that I could have...)

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