Thursday, February 03, 2005

Mostly Done.


You came to me half-aware,
Showed me that you still cared about me.
The things I did and what I said,
You can't keep my out of your head.

Now that you know who I am,
Would you join me for one more spin
Around the countryside of Rome?
Think we have time to visit the pope
In his vatican?

You play the tune, I'll sing the song
About the moon or Zeus as a swan.
You'll draw the conclusions of matrimony:
"I don't wanna settle down,
Just want to be free
Of the consistency of married life.
Do you really want to wake up
To a wife?"

"Haven't we been through this before?
I knew you were just looking to score
Through my weakness."

And I know who you are
And you left me with one more scar
And I'm on the search again
Tell me- where should I begin?
Now that you're gone and

No one can save me from this indecision
Though everyone knows my condition.
Don't let them change my position, baby,
Save me from this uncertainty.
Save me from myself tonight and set me free.


And we're done. 3 song mixed demo. I guess we'll start burning and handing them out now. It's kind of relieving to have it done, but I guess now we have to push forward and whatnot- this is just the start. Gotta keep working. Lemme know if you want any live music at any birthday parties or bah mitzvahs. I'll hook you up.


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  1. You got some weird lyrics there, son. I guess I should talk, right?

    Nice track. You and your tempo changes. Keep on chuggin'!

  2. Yeah, those words are like a year old. I wasn't concerned then, with things like clarity; I was fine with things like a conversation in a song that, without being written out, would not make sense to the listener.

    Now I'm working on taking things to the extreme specifics and literal meanings, or, on the other hand, creating an impenetrable fog of imagery and metaphors.