Sunday, February 13, 2005


I thought of this last night:

The Greek parthenon's columns are slightly bent inward so our two eyes perceive them to be straight and beautiful.

The notes of the Western scale of music are slightly out of tune with each other so our ears perceive them to be beautiful when played harmonically.

I wrote this two nights ago (it all came out at once, so I think I'll work on it some more [in regards to order and meaning]):

We used to compete head to head,
We used to race neck in neck,
Until I fell head over heals
And met with you face to face
To tell you that we should go hand in hand.
You thought I was speaking tongue in cheek
When I said I loved you head to toe,
And with a grin from ear to ear
I told you that we should see eye to eye
About the night we danced cheek to cheek,
After walking around town shoulder to shoulder,
Taking our steps heel to toe.

When you nearly drowned,
I gave you mouth to mouth
Several times, back to back
And when you came to,
You needed a good heart to heart.
But at that time I couldn't stomach
A meeting of the minds,
So I just put my foot in my mouth
And let the relationship get swallowed up.


You get the idea. Sounds kind of gimmicky, but I think I can make it work. Not sure whether I wanted to extend the pattern of the first set of lines throughout the whole thing...

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  1. That reminds me of the lyrical ideas in Dylan's "The Man In Me" (you know, the Big Lebowski song). I used to think Dylan was lame, but he's really already thought up all the good lyrical ideas, and 40 years ago too. So he's worth studying.