Friday, February 04, 2005


I conducted my first phone interview with a band today. I got all really excited afterwards- it went rather smoothly. I talked to this guy, Matt Vooris, who plays drums for this indie band, SNMNMNM. They all live in a house together in Chapel Hill, NC. At the end, he admitted that this had been his first interview, and he had been looking forward to my call. Then I said this was my first interview too, and I wished them good luck on their tour. Then there was an awkward silence, where it seemed like he wanted to keep talking... so I just yelled out "Alright, man! Talk to you later!" And he said something very similar, and I hit the "end" button, laughing. I'm not going to talk to him later. Actually, maybe I will, because I think I'll go to their show (Feb. 21 @ Big Daddy's).


  1. Anonymous10:18 PM

    You're a big doofus wrinkle but that's what makes you special ;)

  2. That's hilarious, man. How do you pronounce that?

    You should go just to show up and say, "Hey man, I did that interview." In fact, you should have had them put you on "the list" so you won't have to pay to get in.

    Start utilizing all the benefits of rock journalism!

  3. It's pronounced by saying all the letters individually, very quickly. Comes from the first letters of their names- Seamus and Matt and Matt and Mike. I should try to get in for free, I mean, I'm giving 'em publicity.