Monday, February 07, 2005


I just saw a guy hit a parked car, and then take off. I was walking out of my psych. class, and I saw him backing up on one of those small streets, trying to turn around. I saw him get dangerously close to the car that was parked in the street, but I didn't yell anything at him. When he crunched into the side of the car, I stood in amazement. Then I checked out his license plate, and kept walking. He kept driving, stopped at the stop sign for like 2 minutes, evidently wondering what to do next, then turned onto Ivy Way and took off. I was still walking up the street, and saw him turn onto another street, and then stood there on the corner, knowing I had to go back, but not wanting to. I was really hungry. So many people were around, too. Driving, and walking, and it seemed no one else paid it any attention.

I trudged back, looked at the damage, noticed the car had a handicapped sticker and was parked in a handicapped spot, sighed, and entered the psych. building. I went into my academic advisor's office for advice. She called the FSU police and I described everything, gave license plate numbers, and waited around for the cop, filled out a report, and left. While I was waiting for the cop, as sometimes happens with me, I had a dread that the officer would think that I was responsible and that he would be analyzing my behavior to see if I were lying. Nope. Guy was cool. And funny to boot.

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