Monday, February 14, 2005


I can literally think of no better topic for my 100th Post.


Weezer's self-titled debut is about the most impressive thing I can think of right now. What is really cool is, having listened to the demos of when the songs were made, 2-3 years before the album came out, I've noticed that they were all set. Not much was changed. All the lyrics were retained, word for word, the arrangements are nearly exact (breakdown in Surf Wax America is excitingly different on the demo, the bluesy minor third of Undone wasn't present then, and the solos were wilder, but)... so cool. And then the band members counted up the number of people they thought would buy Blue, and they came up with like 100. Ha! Check out the media section.

Then, I really started appreciating Pinkerton in the past couple of years, after partially dismissing it as being inferior to Blue. Now I know they are equal.

I dunno, the coolest thing is that the band releases so much material for the fans, doesn't take any interview seriously, and isn't scared to venture into new territory. Alright, well this post isn't turning into the great thing I thought it would, so ... I guess I'll take a sabbatical. I probably won't update for a while... unless something really interesting comes up. Not that it takes much effort or energy to post, but 100 is a nice, round number, so


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