Thursday, February 24, 2005

What's up, post-doc?

This is the day in the life of a geezer.

I don't have the bank to roll a spring break trip, so I'm gonna head home and hit up my parents for gas money. Recooperation sounds good, too. Sleep at least 8 hours a night, avoid mental strain, read, probably compose too (I work best there, for some reason). I'll take a break from the internet too- see how it was to live in the '80s for a week.

I'm glad my newest article assignment doesn't involve Big Daddy's. It's not that Mr. Daddy wasn't very helpful in every way possible. I just like the CDU much more.

I'm going to see an oscar-winning director (Johnny Demme) in ... 40 minutes.

I talked to this funny Finnish woman in the lab today, who works with us in a "post-doc," meaning, from what I gather, that she's gotten her doctorate and doesn't want to go out and work on her own yet. I asked her what she was going to work at, and she said "reseach, begging for grants". Sounds like fun. Turns out it's her birthday today. She kept saying "going out with the girls tonight" and I kept laughing. Happy 30th Birthday, Johanna.

I'm enjoying my Directed Individual Study in the Zwaan lab- I get to talk with people who are a lot more helpful than those peeps down at the career center. A LOT.

This line's good:
Only got coinage to show.

But this one's better:
What the shrapnel in my back pocket could afford.


  1. I think you mean recuperation ... unless you're talking about once again co-operating.

    Man, I gotta cut this short. Two reasons:

    1. Tuesday night - Mexican
    2. Wednesday night - Cici's

  2. hahahahaha. that's funny that Brandon mentioned the recooperating thing because I just stared at that word for like ten minutes and then let it go. haha.

    EWWWWWW if thats what I think it's referring to.


  3. I did a double-take after I typed the second "o" in recooooperation. Then I kept going and didn't look back.

    Recuperate- from the Latin recuperare; re + capere = to take.