Thursday, March 24, 2005

Can't Focus.

Fashion Flesh sucks.

Viva Voce, in comparison, rules.

I've seen/heard so many good bands, well, so many bands period, that I've reduced the process of evaluation to a pass/fail system. Works much more easily that way.

I don't use my textbooks, I should hock 'em and use the money to buy more CDs.

We were talking about Gender Identity Disorder and related sexual topics in Abnormal Psychology, one of those days were people liked to ask a bunch of questions, and after we talked about this condition where an outwardly-appearing female actually had male genes and would not become fertile, this black guy in the back with his sideways hat raised his hand and asked "So, you can't tell that they're actually ... guys?" And our monotone professor responded "Yeah, so you better watch out." Hilarious.

The other day, when I was asked to find pictures of representative characters from works of literature that people would be familiar with, I realized 1) It's hard to find such pictures, and 2) I haven't read all that many classic works of literature. I did find a couple- Scrooge, Long John Silver, Old Man and the Sea, Three Musketeers (haven't read any of those...), but try finding a picture of a Holden Caulfield, or an Edna from the Awakening, or a Gatsby! Oh, well.


  1. I bet you could find a picture of Robert Redford as Gatsby. In fact, a gee eye ess did just that.

  2. Yeah, I did that. But the dude said it wasn't that representative of the character (could be anyone?). He also said he didn't read the book... so...

    I remember watching that movie.

  3. Does it matter that people are familiar with Long John Silver for the deep fried fish he endorses and probably have no clue who he really is and Three Musketeers for their nougety goodness?

  4. Mr Goodbar: delectable treat or classic Shakespeare? Find out next week on "Candy or Literature ... or Both?"

  5. You guysa crazy bunch.

    I don't think that stuff mattered, I mean, he had pictures of actors that were playing the parts in movies. So, whatever.

    I don't know what that shake-a-spear bit is about...but.