Saturday, March 26, 2005

Differing Perceptions.

Eternal silence sounds
unhindered through empty halls.
In the space it bounds
To and fro before it falls
Out of aural recognition;
And though he thinks he hears;
it’s true, its transmission
falls on deaf ears.

‘Tis strange, at least,
I think it true
neither man nor beast
can possibly construe
what things I now hear-
some must think me mad
though I do not fear
I’m glad for what I’ve had.

Differing perceptions
create different truths.
Apparent misconceptions
label one uncouth.
Despite obvious opposition,
he continues his life today,
Put in a position
where others stay away.


Hahaha, well, I was going through old files, and I rediscovered my poetry project for AP Lit. I remember those days... anyway. I remember spending a lot of time writing the other poem I submitted, and then just cranking this one out the night before (not even sure that I knew what it meant then), although I did have the opening line for a while before I wrote the poem, though. At this point, I would make changes (like entirely delete the word "possibly" from that line), but I don't like to go back over anything I work on and edit, or change stuff. So, I won't.

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