Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Drab details of a dull day.

I get all these emails from advisors and honors people talking about scholarships, internships, work studies, graduate school, honors in the major, and opportunities for minorities. I usually glance over them, think something like "sounds like a good idea/program/money-maker" and then continue onto my other emails, pretending to make a mental note to go back and read the details in them before the applications are due, or the meetings are scheduled, but knowing pretty well that I will just forget them.

I can't concentrate in Abnormal Psychology. I sit there in the front row, looking between the powerpoint slides and the instructor, usually holding my chin as if in a state of intellectual curiosity about the material, but really thinking about what order we're gonna play our songs for our set, and then singing the lyrics to myself, and wondering about when I'm going to do what and how I'll divide up my hours until I go to bed and don't get enough sleep that I'd like to get.

Then I start listening to the instructor again, realizing I missed a good 2-3 slides and 8-10 minutes of material. Then I realize he's talking about external versus internal blame, global versus relative, and that other stuff that I learned in speech class (for some reason... man, that class was really diverse in subject matter- way to go Ziegler!). So, then I daze out again, write ellipses on my paper, and continue to think about other things.

Abnormal Psychology isn't as exciting as it sounds or I thought it would be. This whole having-a-major thing isn't either.

But, hey, ... you know me- I can't complain.

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