Wednesday, March 23, 2005

It's alright, 'salright, 'salright, 'salright, 'salright, 'salright.

I'm glad I'm not the only one disappointed with my current major. But, as I've written before, changing it now would not be very practical- not since I've sat through Research Methods, and not since one more semester of psych. classes would get me a nice piece of paper with my name on it.

I'm still tossing coins over my next decision for a major.

Sometimes I really do wonder...

about being in a full time rock band. Move west. Work, compose, play. Repeat.

about all the bands roughing it with extended tours, possible negative reviews for their records, but still pouring their time, money, and energy into their work.

about taking the classes that I want to, and not the ones people tell me I need.

I've experienced a few of those moments of soaring musical magic with LTTE- when I'm not nervous, anxious, concentrating on forgeting words, or thinking about other things- like the times in jr. and high school band where I would just come off a great performance and be ready for anything. I imagine doing this for a living and experiencing those moments as well as paychecks for having them.

When realism sets in, I acknowledge that I don't really have an idea of what to work towards, realistically. Still waiting for that opportunity I know will come along within the next two years...

And they all say "don't worry about it."
And they all say "you must decide now."
And I say "I don't care where we eat- as long as it's heavy."


  1. Nashville's really good for getting started - in case you were wondering. Just as many opportunities as your NYC or your L.A., but without the smog and competition. And if grad school's a-callin', they got some of that here too.

  2. Don't tempt me...

    Actually, it seems like a cool city, with all the highways and the parthenon and whatsuch. But people advise me to pick the best grad. school regardless of location, proximity to family, smog, etc.

  3. You're absolutely right ... but there's nothing wrong with bumping someplace up in your priority list because you know people there, would have a place to live, etc.

    That's just me. Heck, I'm getting a master's from Belmont. I'm sure that's worth so much more than my B.A. from Florida State.

    Oh well. Off to Grimey's for some cheap CD buying.

  4. Anonymous12:12 AM

    good thing I can't change my major at this school, otherwise i'd be tempted to have 5 majors at one time.