Thursday, March 17, 2005

Late for Class, but must post.

I've been trying to post for a while. Server's been unreachable.

Monday's show went rather well. Played with Sourgreen, who had a mix of southern rock and grunge (didn't really appeal to me, but their instrumental breaks were cool), My Anomaly, who were Incubus, and Look Mexico, who have gotten a lot better and seem to be influenced by Denison Marrs and such (pretty entertaining).

I thought we did a lot better than our October's show at Big Daddy's. Still had some flubs, and my left hand went numb after about 20 minutes- I'm out of shape. Need to practice more. Now that that's done, I suppose I can crank out some new material and then even more new material over the summer.

This led me to create a list of my personal favorite local bands:

1) Northvia (whom I saw Tuesday with Xiu Xiu at the CDU): They play instrumental rock. They are very entertaining- nice arrangments, good effects, trance-like, blistering build-ups, everything man, everything.

2) Believe in Toledo: Don't know if they're still around, but they took punk/pop rock and just killed it. Not original, but very good and lively. It was better the second time I saw them as a three-piece (I don't know what happened to the second guitar player, but it was soo good then).

3) Pocket Novel Mystery: Pleasant mix of southwestern rock and something else. One of their songs really sounds like Interpol (which is not a bad thing). Good sound, decent singing, good drumming.

4) Broken Sound: Haven't seen these guys in a while. I think the only reason they're on this list is because of their keyboard player. Yeah.

5) The Ums: Quirky quirky light kind of lounge rock. Interesting.

6) Look Mexico: Funny. Keytar. They're making it.

I guess those in the order of which I would see if all of them were playing at once.


What else What else What else?

I registered for some pretty cool classes for the fall (with Dr. Zwaan, and one with his wife!) and then Mark in the lab told me not to take transformational grammar because that is what everything in the Zwaan lab is working against. Hmm...

Anyway, I actually went through and read the lyrics to a grand don't come for free and I was just floored. Definitely one of my favorite evers now.

Oh yeah, and I signed a year lease to Tuscany Village. Doesn't seem like too bad of a deal...


  1. Anonymous3:36 PM

    You saw XIU XIU????!!!!! I'm so jealous!

  2. Yeah, they were pretty good- hadn't heard of them before. Made a lot of noise for two people. Lot of instruments too.

  3. College apartment complexes are born of Satan! I hope you at least got a hot tub in the deal.

  4. so, Posty McGee, we meet again.
    It's been a while.

    Have fun in your new apartment with three people that you will want to throw off of a moving train after living with them for a year.