Sunday, March 13, 2005

SB '05

Listening to The Strokes' Room on Fire. Oh, man. Haven't listened to this in a while. New record this year, reportedly.

Over spring break:
(yeah, colon, yeah)

[The rest of this post will use the passive voice. Starting... now.]

People were seen.
Spades was played.
Sideways was watched.
Sleep was obtained.
Books were read (Fight Club was finished, Catch As Catch Can was nearly finished).
Lotsa food was eaten.
Lotsa of driving was done.
The Party People were seen in Orlando (fun times were had).
An article was written after an interview was conducted.
Umm, lots of stuff was not done by me, as was predicted.

[ehh, /passive voice off.]

At least I read some good stuff. And then I brought five more books up with me to add to the stack of books that I won't be able to finish within the next six weeks.

Oh. Talk of apartments was made. Looks friggin' schwee.

Nothing else really exciting went on or is going on. Except that I'M AWESOME. I'M ASHTON KUTCHER. ... I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO CALL ME KUTCH!



  1. The sad part is, I am just enough of a programmer nerd to be able to correct you:

    [passive voice]
    Code was written.
    [/passive voice]

    No "off" needed; that's what the slash is for.

    How was Sideways? I've been meaning to see it.

  2. Anonymous3:06 AM

    So far my spring break has involved me working and getting totally burned by people who said they were going to hang out with me. Laaaame. Oh, and it's freaking the dead of winter here. Pfft. I want to play spades.

  3. Anonymous1:31 AM

    Tuscany sucks, Becca and her bf lived there last year

  4. J- Defend your claim. There's this one $175 "cleaning fee" that's non-refundable. But, otherwise, location, amenities galore, and 4 person thing make it seem like a winner.

    A- Burned? And in the dead of winter? Sucks. Spades rules though.

    B- I knew that... I just put "off" for our non-programmer people. Sideways was a quaint romp though Californian countrysides with great acting, good characterization, and a bare-bones plot. It was a movie that I actually thought "maybe I'll like this more when I'm older"- the senior citizens in the crowd were having a great time. It's got reflective directing- using montages and wide shots of landscapes and silences to their fullest extent. It dabbled in bigger meanings of life, and had some really great moments in it, but I got bored more than once with it. I wouldn't dissuade anyone from seeing it. In fact, I would recommend it to everyone- it's a welcome change of pace from your average hollywood blockbuster (very similar to About Schmidt, which I didn't like, - same director).