Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Taco Tuesday.

I get it now.

When Dr. Sullivan says "This second test is a lot easier than the first," that actually means it's a lot harder. When he says "This test is difficult, I won't lie to you," he is, in fact, lying and means that it's easier than the FCAT.

The Blogger people had the following blog under their list of prominent blogs:
Things I hate about my Flatmate.

I think it's trite, but perhaps someone else will enjoy it.

I inadvertently stole another riff (kind of) from Franz Ferdinand (when we were freestyle jamming). At first, I was not particularly taken with that disc, but it's just got so many riffs!

This weekend-- FSU circus performs, 50s night on campus, Midnight Movie Grease, more showings of The Life Aquatic, Sin City comes out, and honors Coffeehouse (free coffee!). Okay, so that last one's on Thursday; so what?

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  1. Sin City looks good. Caleb does not understand how a movie can have a "guest director". He's said this 2 or 3 times.

    I saw that blog a while back. It got quite a bit of press. I'm surprised it lasted 3 months. I wonder if that person will ever find out that 3 months of their daily annoyances are catalogued on the Internet.

    Almost everyone I've met that went to FSU claims that the real "party night" is Thursday. So I think that makes it an honorary member of the weekend club.