Saturday, March 19, 2005

You see that? - That's psychic energy.

We went to this presentation by a ghosthunter. John Zaffis and his hundred psychic pictures and slew of stories about little girls and possessed dolls. Seriously, folks; two hours of this banter- but at least it was really funny at times. I especially like the moments where he could only explain what he encountered by comparing it to scenes in movies.

He made a museum in his home with the several hundred "possessed" objects that he's collected over the years that's he had "cleaned" and displays for people to see (*indicates money by rubbing fingers against thumb*). AND he kept saying funny things like "Are churches, synagogues and other holy places haunted? HECK YEAH! If you're ever in them, start taking pictures and you might find something." Wonderful advice. He admitted that he had thousands of pictures without anything in them... yeah. Then, when we were walking out, Kat said she saw a lot of things that were in his photos in hers- when she screwed up in the photo lab and developed the picture wrong. I laughed.

I rented the game Mercenaries yesterday, but I haven't played it yet.

I emailed this guy three times about an interview, AND he attends FSU, and he's managed to not get me one two days before my article is done and I've managed to write zero of a minimum five hundred words...

Oh, that reminds me. On that night of the Xiu Xiu concert, I ran into a lot of people. First were my editor and a "senior staff" writer, and they started telling me how good my articles were. And then I realized that I should probably start reading the FSView, because if I am running into these people, and they're talking about the paper... I should know about it then.

Then, I saw the guys from Look Mexico (with whom we played Monday), who work at the CDU, and then I saw Alex from Latin class, and he knew Dave from Look Mexico, and then I saw guys from the film committee and chatted with them. Very cool. Then, on top of that, the concert was cool.


  1. Anonymous3:25 AM

    I should go to connecticut and see this guy. Good times. (on second thought, I wouldn't really pay money to see that...ihh). Probably would be fun anyway.

  2. Your logic has a fatal flaw. Reading the FSView will immediately cause your IQ to shrink and your articles to suck. I don't recommend it.

    In other news, I had an idea today to include some kind of audio interview as a bonus on my next CD. Maybe we could work something out that's both informative AND funny.