Saturday, April 02, 2005

April Foos Day.

The rains came yesterday and cancelled all of our plans. We, nevertheless, remained resolute and managed to have fun regardless.

Instead of having tons of free ice cream at the social (which was cancelled), we went to momo's.
Instead of seeing the circus (cancelled), we went to see the Life Aquatic.
Instead of riding the ferris wheel and playing carn-y games (the outdoor activities for 50s night were cancelled), we stayed at the SLB and watched this guy make awesome balloon animals (daffy duck!), took pictures in a "50s booth" (we weren't in costume), had a session on swing dancing, and some people limbo-ed and hula hooped.
Then, we went for milkshakes at the 50s diner, and breakfast for $1 at the union (mmmm, unlimited tater tots!).

Then I slept for about 11 hours. Sweet.

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