Sunday, April 10, 2005


6 bands, 4 days.

Wed. 4/6, Tallahassee, The Red Elvises: "Your faaavvvvooorite band!"
Lyric: "We gonna rock this joint, we gonna roll this joint, we gonna smoke this joint... until we sound like Pink Floyd."

Thurs. 4/7, Gainesville, RX Bandits: "You know something's wrong when the female to male ratio isn't equal here in the middle. If that's happening, it means you're being too much of a tough guy when you're dancing."
Lyric: "We've had enough of these politician's wars / All we need right now is love... (ain't no hippy shit!)"

Fri. 4/8, Melbourne, Bye-bye Birdie: "There are a few words I never wanted to hear in this house, and 'puberty' was at the top of the list! 'Mussolini' was second!"
Lyric: "Gray skies are gonna clear up / Put on a happy face."

Sat. 4/9, Orlando, CAKE: "If we play that song, if we play 'The Distance,' will you stop screaming at us?? Let's make a deal, we play that song right now and you leave and shut up. If we play it and you don't leave, I'll stop the show. I'll do it. I don't really care- I'm fuckin' crazy! ... Nah, it's not worth the risk."
Lyric: "If I threw my guitar out the window, so far down / Would I start to regret it? Or would I smile as I watched it slowly fall?"


No, I didn't count Bye-bye Birdie as being three bands; the other three bands were opening bands for RX Bandits and Cake, and they're not worth mentioning.

I think the trip was well worth it, though I didn't think Ticketmaster tacking on $12 in fees (including a "US Postal fee"... when they didn't even mail the tickets- I picked them up at the booth) was very cool.

Cake sounded pretty good live, considering they've changed lineups over the years, it sounded very clean and nice and good. Yeah, and opening with "Daria" was a good move. :)

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  1. Dang, thats a lotta shows. I was in 3 shows this weekend. What do I win??