Tuesday, April 19, 2005


So, I went to see this movie, featuring Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols, and now I'm here, clicking on all the little underlined words that say 'all tracks included in a single zip archive'. Lucky for me, this guy is just as crazy as the movie portrayed him, since he posted all of his albums online when I was fit to buy one or two just to see what the big deal was about.

Yeah, the movie was pretty good. Very humorous at times, and it explored the whole relationship between bands, different views on major label deals, and drugs. Check it out if you want to see about Anton, the guy who claims to have made a 'major change' in radio airplay, cuz when '[h]e started out, Pearl Jam was on the radio, and now you hear the White Stripes'. Whatever that means.

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