Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Simply amazing.

Across my near two years at FSU, I've heard people from various administrations outright diss SCE for their incompetence/inefficiency/unprofessional behavior. High-level people from the Club Downunder, the Student Life Cinema, and now the FSView (and Matt said the WVFS [radio] people have mentioned it too) have ranted to me about how awful SCE is and how the people are impossible to work with and how SCE takes credit for everything, but provides nothing. Until now, I've taken these people's words for it.

Now, I have firsthand experience.

I contacted the concert coordinator for SCE over a week and a half ago, asking for any information on the Battle of the Bands they're hosting this year, and I had to send another email this week to prod some more. So I get a response yesterday that they would "finally decide the lineup" last night and let me know today, even though I told him my deadline was tomorrow morning.

Then I had to contact some band, Presence, 's agent to try and talk to them about their "headlining performance" at the battle of the bands. This is the response I got:

Call DJ Stange at XXX-XXXX. He is the nucleus of the band. He will answer all your questions.

Funniest. Response. Ever.

He didn't set up a time, just sent me the phone number of one of the guys in the band. Yeah, so....

I'm going to see the Red Elvises tonight and I'm not gonna write this article, nor conduct a crappy interview with a crappy band (I already got an extension on it, my editor even mentioning that I wouldn't really have to write a piece for it if "worst comes to worst").

Then, I'm going to see the RX Bandits tomorrow night... for free! ( Gainesville)... (...hopefully).

THEN, I'm going home, and then going to Orlando for CAKE this saturday (missing the Wrens, but ohs well).

THEN, I'm coming back Sunday to write a crappy article for another crappy band that's doing a show at the beta bar. That one is due Monday morning.



  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Well guess's just been announced that there is going to be a merger between SCE and CDU and Adam is going to be everyone's boss so SHIT WILL START GETTING DONE RIGHT!! Get. Excited.

  2. Wow. Collegiate merger. Worlds collide. That's actually kind of weird.