Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I have interviews lined up for my next two articles, I went to get some words from local record store owners for my other article that's due pretty pretty soon, but I ended up looking around vinyl fever for an hour, and accidentally watching a performance by some band, No Offense, there. Not good. But, I did manage to get The Unicorns. Good. Then, I found a 99 cent steal, a CD by Brainiac (called smack bunny baby). I'm still adjusting to it. I left without talking to anyone for my article. Then I came back to the dorm to listen to the discs.

I think I'll just write the whole record article tomorrow, then pack up, move out, see the Mountain Goats on saturday (wooooo!) and go home.

*Update: I have been informed that the band I saw at Vinyl Fever today was called No Address, not No Offense. Then I found out that they were recently signed to Atlantic Records. Why? ... Why? It was almost total crap. Ugh.

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