Friday, April 22, 2005

Suit of Lights

Listening to a new release from a new group Suit of Lights to do an FSReView.

Uhh, is this song "Goodbye Silk City" supposed to be Pachelbel-esque...? If not, (it's under the "hear" section of their website) I just don't know. What else does it remind me of (spec. the vocal melody...?)?

I guess the album (or group) hasn't offended me too much so far.

I went to this event gathering for grad students presenting their studies in Psychology. Saw the Dr. Zwaan and his wife and the coolcool grad students I work with. Even had two free donuts, coffee, cookies and a free lunch complimentary of the Psych. department. I'm pretty sure I was the only undergraduate kid there. In jeans and a t-shirt.


  1. Anonymous7:23 PM

    That really sounds like Pachelbel's canon, which is not surprising at all. I remember hearing that the chord progression in Canon is one of the most widely used progressions. There are quite a few songs I've heard that sound eerily similar.

    That band sounds pretty good.


  2. Weird. Kind of cool, but very nerdy.

    Dr Zwaan is a cool name. Almost as cool as Dr Zaius. It's kinda like being called Dr Zeppelin or Dr Who. (hahaha, Dr Who - I made a funny)

  3. Upon further listening, I like the song a lot more. The other songs are pretty good, too.

  4. Yeah, their CD sounds pretty good after repeated listenings.

    When I searched for Suit of Lights, it kept turning up an Elvis Costello song, so I'm gonna assume they're named after that.

    I believe Zwaan is Dutch for swan, which is cool. I'm doing my honors project with him and I thought of investigating a link between word recognition and sounds: do people associate high-pitched sounds with words relating to women (apron, perhaps), and low sounds with words associated with men (hammer)? I wanted to investigate this in conjunction with the genders of words, but English doesn't really have that and we probably couldn't get enough subjects from another language.


  6. PS: Although they are certainly influenced by Costello, I believe their name is in reference to the outfit a matador wears.