Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Yeah, boi!

I get to write an article on "Tallahassee Record Stores" (!!!) for the orientation issue (unfortunately, I won't be around to get that issue in print...). This means, yeah, Vinyl Fever interviews. ... I guess I have to mention stores other than Vinyl Fever, huh? ... Maybe in the margins.

And I'm gonna keep writing over the summer from the East Coast. ... I should get someone to keep a full copy of each issue with one of my articles in it like I've been doing so I can be all meticulous and whatnot... any takers?

I just finished my article on Agnostic Front like 40 minutes ago when it was "due" two and a half days ago. Then we got this email from the head head editor of the paper and he's all like "no late articles, run spellcheck, and no making up facts, I'm being a hardass [c'mon, what kind of a name is D.C. Reeves? Sounds like a superhero-- D.C. comics, christopher reeve]," but if Matt's (A&E editor) alright with it (he was), I'm alright with it. But I'm still gonna try to not have to get extensions again- that's just frustratin'.

Next article? Metalsome Monday at Big Daddy's. ...*sigh*...


  1. I get it - it's funny because it's a play on "meddlesome".

    No making up facts? Why is he turning his back on years of FSView tradition?

  2. ... I didn't get it until you said that. Turns out it's a metal group that plays and has people sing karoake over it.