Tuesday, May 31, 2005

2-0, Twenty, Viginti anni, Ich bin zwanzig Jahre alt.

I've been kind of incapacitated the past couple of days. Last week I noticed that I was scheduled for 13 hours this week, so I acts for some more and someone penned me into for three 3 AM shifts this week. SOooo, I worked Saturday night, 8-4.30 on Sunday, and 3 AM - 11 today, and will do 3-11 again tomorrow... in 2.5 hours...from now.

Oh yeah, shoot, I was supposed to start in on that FSView article today.

So the 3 AM shift today wasn't that bad at all. I went in with 4 women and changed locations of makeup in cosmetics. Insomnia and working isn't so bad as long as you eat a lot of food and kept well-hydrated. I'm pretty sure I downed a gallon of apple juice the other day. Man, apple juice is so good.

Now, I'm no woman, but as I was "flexing" some make-up today, I realized that no one was going to buy what I was putting up. I figured out what "flexing" meant today. The other day I was looking at the garbage cans on an end-cap, and I checked them, and none of them belonged there. So, I went to Vincent, who was in that dept. and asked "So, what's with these garbage cans" and he said "You know, just flex them out". And then I said, "What about those on the shelf?" ... "You know, just flex them out". Okay. So, from what I gather, "flex" means push that crap into whatever space it fits regardless of location, label, or price.

As I was flexing these different hues of make-up (because we didn't have time to organize them and Steve didn't want empty shelves), I realized that no one was going to buy them and my job was basically useless. Then I stopped caring. Well, I had stopped caring before, but then was when I realized that I really stopped caring. Women aren't going to look through thirty different hanging creams and foundations to find their specific hue if they're not organized and in order, right? Right?

Nevertheless, I still just do what people tell me to, and lately they've been saying "You're doing a really good job!" Really? Cause I don't really care.

And then Mike picked out a skateboard for me and it's pretty sweet. Good bearings and... trucks and all that. It's pretty loose too, and I'm learning to control it pretty well. Just can't do an ollie. Yet. And I haven't falled down. Yet.

I've written two new songs. I compiled a list of all the completed songs I've ever had; I was slightly irked because both my memory and my notes cannot tell me in what order I wrote them, because I wanted to list them chronologically. Now, I'm up to 31. Sweeet.

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  1. That's a lot of songs, man. I don't think I have anywhere near that many.

    That's a bummer they had you doing that cosmetics stuff. I was on planogram (which is the funniest word ever) and I remember when we had to reset cosmetics. I developed violent tendencies that week.