Monday, May 02, 2005

Home is where...

Everything seems to be just as I left it here in Melbourne. I made it home with a literal $19 cash to my name and an empty gas tank. I spent $9 to get barely over a quarter tank so I could go out today to look for a full-time job.

Mom bought me a book of Federal Jobs that are available and asked what my next major would be. "Undecided 2."

While I was applying at Barnes and Noble (not hiring), I figured I'd walk over to the Burger King next door. I entered its doors for the first time in three years, having worked there full time for three months straight one summer. It was quite an experience- hard to explain, not quite like the strange familiarity found driving back into the hometown. Not exactly comforting, but somewhat nostalgic. Yeah, I guess that's the word. Nostalgic.

Everyone's responding to my short, short hair. I think it's the first time I've had it this short since 2nd grade or so. I don't really miss having to comb and gel it, but I did miss it a bit when LTTE were practicing and I tried to headbang a bit, but there was no hair whipping around.

Magazine writing? I don't want to do journalism, but writing for a magazine could be cool...

Shadow got frickkin' big! 85 pounds, man!

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