Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It's him!

Whoa. I just had a weird, though probably unexciting-to-most-of-you experience.

So, I got this press release for The Firebird Band about three weeks ago because I was assigned the article. Last week I emailed the guy at the record label who sent out the press release and asked for an interview with the band. I got a response that said something weird:

"Sure thing, just let me know what's best for you. Do you want a phone interview or an email?"

What's best for me? What?

Being naturally lazy, I opted for the email interview and he responded with "Thanks, talk to you soon". When I finished writing the questions (just a little while ago), I went back to look up the address for the guy at the record label. But it turns out the response I got was from a "Christopher Broach," from a different email address than the record label one. Yeah, it was the lead dude from the band! Direct contact! And I suppose he has the "chris" address at the label too. This is all very exciting to me for some reason now, even though I could have had the opportunity to talk to him on the phone, which would have been more exciting, but I didn't feel like preparing, recording, typing up the responses, etc.

Yeah, and when I responded to what I thought was the publicist, I wrote "I'll send you questions for the band" even though it really did have his name in his email "Chris, THE FIREBIRD BAND". What-a-dope.

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