Sunday, May 08, 2005

Job apps.

I really do like filling out job applications with 40-minute long personality questionnaires with some questions where all the answers are wrong. One of them looked like "Which of the following qualities would be LEAST important for this job: 1) Being able to calm down angry customers. 2) Thinking of different and new ways to improve the job. 3) Having a good relationship with your supervisor. 4) Being able to express yourself clearly." Another one "Which of the following three words best describes you: Reliable, Socialable, Happy."

Although I don't like to admit it, my psychology classes did help me a bit. We went over a lot of different personality assessments and what people are looking for in responses. But I still basically answered them honestly. Basically.

Then again, there were some where it was pretty obvious: "How much trouble did you cause in high school: 1) None 2) Very little trouble 3) Moderate trouble 4) Intense trouble 5) All you did was get drunk, get into fights, talk back, and make trouble all the time". Well, it wasn't that exaggerated, but it was still pretty obvious. Oh yeah, and the classic: "If you got this job, how successful do you think you would be with it? 1) Much more successful than others 2) A little more successful than most others 3) Just about as successful as others 4) Not as successful as others 5) Don't know."

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