Sunday, June 05, 2005


Spoilers for the movie Crash co-starring Chris "Ludacris" Bridges


Mike: Give me about a hundred words or so on what you thought of Crash.
Mike: Let your thoughts flow through your hands like the mighty Mississippi.
Me: Okay.
Me: The plot was well done, much suspense.
Me: Characterization was pretty good, side-stepped stock characters despite subject manner.
Me: I still got bored a few times, but that could have been my attention span.
Me: Some of it did seem a little contrived, like with the crabby sandra bullock realizing that her maid is her best friend.
Me: 's been done.
Mike: Like hwo you got bored in Million Dollar BAby.
Me: The message was a bit mixed and obscure.
Mike: You and your crappy attention span
Me: Yeah, but that's because that movie was a lot worse
Me: (plot-wise)
Me: Direction and cinematography in this movie was very good.
Me: Great acting, at times it was questionable only because of the writing, but the actors did a great job with what they were given.
Mike: even Ludacris?
Me: Back to the message, like I said, it seems like he's (Paul Haggis) saying that all this stuff is happening, but it's circular.
Mike: The n00b
Me: I enjoyed his performance
Me: very realistic
Me: I liked his character too.
Me: Like it seemed that only a few people actually learned from their mistakes.
Me: Possibly Matt Dillon and Sandra Bullock.
Me: White boy cop saved one black guy's life, but still didn't trust another and shot him dead without hesitation.
Me: Black director... couldn't tell, seemed like he built it all up and exploded, but don't know if he learned anything?
Me: Don cheadle was pretty cool.
Me: and I liked how they tied things together.
Me: It didn't seem too corny seeing that guy rescue the same woman he pulled over before.
Me: And I liked the case with Cheadle's brother and him having to prosecute this white guy even though he knows he didn't do anything wrong
Me: well, he has an inkling.
Me: Kind of shakespearian, with deaths that could have been avoided, but were ironically not.
Me: Is that 100 words yet?
Me: Good, perhaps great movie, but not perfect.
Me: 8/10

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