Thursday, June 02, 2005


There's a story being thrown around on the local news about a 62 year old woman who shot and killed a man who was breaking into her house. Apparently he was a repeat offender who burglarized more than one home. She's being hailed a hero.

Knowing if I were in the victim's position I would have the ability to take down an intruder or possible attacker without punishment in my home (well, now even outside the home- NRA Uses New Florida Gun Law as National Model: The new law passed last month and, pushed by the National Rifle Association, expands that authorization to shoot at attackers "literally everywhere," Krischer said.) is comforting, but taking the time to think about the situation is more troubling on the psyche.

I think the reporter of the story said something like "If she hadn't shot him, he would have gotten away, or worse, the burglaries would have continued." Or worse? What would have happened if it was a 35 year-old man being burglarized by a 62 year old woman? Would people react the same way? No. The family would chalk the burglary up to senility and the man would be jailed for manslaughter. Or if the law did cover him, he would probably have to move due to public outrage.

With that new law in place (as mentioned in the article) there will probably be more than one shooting due to pending danger in traffic, A.K.A. road rage. Despite the fact that the world is not as scary as the local nightly news makes it out to be, I still can't help myself from shuddering every once and a while.

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