Saturday, June 25, 2005


I saw four movies so far this week. Batman Begins (for which I wrote an FSReview), The Grifters (with John Cusack, which I've owned for close to a year and just saw for the first time), One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and A Place in the Sun (checked out from the library simply because it was mentioned in The Clash's "The Right Profile").

Everything was good. Some (BB) were more good than others (Grift), but I would recommend all to never-before-seeners. There were three references from the Simpsons that came from ...Cuckoo's that I now fully understand and appreciate. And the three that were not Batman Begins were based on novels. Makes me want to read them. But I started re-reading The Great Gatsby.

Then there's this guy that has come in to Target no less than 3 times looking to exchange a case, a case, of puffs tissues (24 72-count boxes) for Puffs plus lotion, which is what his wife really needed.

"We opened this case up, it was like the third one we had, and found these in it. I tried to exchange them for the four-pack 64-count puffs plus lotion you had here, but they wouldn't let me exchange them, and you're out of the individual boxes. When will you be getting a truck in?"


  1. You forgot to mention The Spongebob movie. Or were you embarrassed to mention that? OOPs, did I just foil everything?

  2. Wow, no I totally forgot about that one. Really, I must be getting old.

    Five movies in six days. Ebert wrote he watches 500 a year.