Wednesday, June 29, 2005


From my work on the planogram team, where we re-set merchandise, and change the backgrounds, shelves, and hooks on the aisles, I am certain that somewhere near corporate headquarters there must exist a pristine Target store; unshopped and untrafficked by customers, its aisles remain clean and clear (and under control). All of the merchandise is on the shelves, in its proper places. A man with a red button down collared shirt, dress slacks, and a solid white tie with the Target logo embroidered at the bottom walks this store's lanes, looking and pointing, calling out changes that would make shopping more efficient, and more economical for the "guests". A harried assistant writes down the changes on a yellow-sheet legal pad, scampering alongside the man with the white tie, jotting down abbreviations, locations, and exclamations inbetween pushes of his half-metal-rimmed glasses back up onto his nose: "Move Glad bags to other side of Ziploc," "Shelves in 21, 46, and 57," "Heavy duty garbage bags switch with drawstings," "Change C3 from clearance to Home Decor". Naturally, this store would have its own planogram team, ready to make the white tie's wildest dreams come true.

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