Monday, July 25, 2005

How am I not myself?

There is way too much media to consume. There are certainly too many people I respect recommending a seemingly endless wave of movies, books, video games, and oh, yeah, albums (not to mention discovering new bands, or seeing bands in concert... sheesh-- I'll catch up with that back in Tallahassee). But even with the free time of summer and the support of a full-time grunt job, I find myself dragging along at the same sluggish pace in attempts to explore this vast territory. And I haven't kept up at all with any news, reports, scientific discoveries, or psychological experiments going on.


Sometimes at work, when I'm bored, I think of ways I would describe what I'm working on, as if I were training someone new.


But sometimes I really just enjoy listening to an album dozens of times over for days on end. And revisiting old albums I haven't listened to in a while (Denison Marrs' World Renown for Romance at the moment) is a joy unmatched by hearing new bands with new material.

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