Sunday, July 10, 2005

J. Cusack & J. Strummer

"You can never go home again, Oatman; but I guess you can shop there."
--Gross Pointe Blank

I got this great film on DVD at Wal-mart for only $7.50. I think it has a lot of replay value. Although it's not as continuously funny as The Big Lebowski, I admire its style; dialogue, acting, direction, soundtrack, all phenomenal. And of course there's that clever pun in the title. I caught four to five new things when I watched it for the fourth time last night. And, it has John Cusack. And, he co-produced and co-wrote it. And, Joe Strummer did the original score to the movie.

Speaking of Joe Strummer, last week I was in Best Buy and saw the reissue of the 101ers (his band before The Clash) that I had read about, and I decided to get it, although I was worried it would turn out like the demos for London Calling (i.e. not worth it). Turns out it's really cool. Old timey rock and roll and some cool glimpses into the future of his career. Then, this week I picked up Global A Go-Go, one of his albums with the Mescaleros. Man, it is good. Just, so good. Coincidentally, I went to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith the day after I bought the album, and one of the songs ("Mondo Bongo") was totally featured in it! Sweet.

I'm so absorbed, I'm thinking of making bumper stickers that say "Listen to Joe Strummer" to rival the ones I see on campus of "Read Chomsky". Heh, that would be cool.

Maybe, "Watch Cusack".

Anyway, my work at Target now is a lot better than working on the sales floor, even considering that I go in at 5 am every weekday now. At least it's a steady schedule. (9 days till Weezer.)

"This tune is going out to Marconi,
To all corners of the globe,
THere is no hut in the serengeti,
Where my wave lengths do not probe."
--"Global A Go-Go"

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  1. Man, you never heard Global before now? Easily the best record from that group. Of course, they are all good.