Thursday, July 14, 2005

Music News.

Oleander's "Why I'm here," which I heard on the radio for the first time today, stands as the most rip-offish secondhand Nirvana I've ever smelt. All present and future popular modern rock bands please note:

Stop copying Nirvana.

It's okay to start by playing covers and taking a bit of style from a group, but, although I find myself against calling out bands for ripping things from other bands, in this instance, and whereever else I find it hypocritically convenient for me, I shall preach it (Decemberist's "We Both Go Down Together" [still strong, though] = REM's "Losing My Religion," Drake Equation's "Bittersweet" (I think) = Green Day's "Brain Stew," Creed = Stone Temple Pilots + Pearl Jam). Etc.

Oh yeah, and (thanks Matt) The Decemberists are coming to Tallahassee in the late Septemberish...!

That's nearly as exciting as Tuesday's Weezer concert. I know they won't play it, by my personal, wishful thinking, request would be "Across the Sea".

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  1. Anonymous1:32 AM

    "The Good Life." Although "Across the Sea" is a choice pick as well. If I had a time machine I'd go back to '96 and catch the Pinkerton tour. LESS THAN THREE. Tuesday will be tight, though. Even if we are all on drugs.

    Also, what kind of name is Oleander for a grunge band? It's a type of flowering shrub and is also known as rosebay. Lame.