Sunday, July 31, 2005

What is he up to?

Broken Flowers, starring Bill Murray, and directed by
Jim Jarmusch (Coffee and Cigarettes) opens nationally
August 5th. It won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes in


Jim Jarmusch, like John Sayles, like Robert Altman, is
a solo helmsman in an age of cruise ships. He makes
his movies one at a time, proceeding from his own
musings and inspirations, indifferent to "the carrots
they dangle in Hollywood." ... When a new Jarmusch
film opens, there is a stirring in those circles where
people really care about good movies. He makes the
kinds of movies where Steve Buscemi is not considered
a character actor.


Do you rehearse the scene?

"I never talk to actors as a group. Only one at a
time. I talk to them about being their characters.
Never, ever, about the meaning of the scene. I don't
want the actors overladen with research, so they grow

"I love to rehearse when the actors want to, but I
never rehearse scenes in the script."



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  1. I am playing around with Tina's camera. It has a really good picture. I might make a documentary. Or something.