Sunday, July 17, 2005



I get to write an article on The Decemberists coming to Tallahassee (The Beta Bar).

The interview will go as follows:

Me: "Colin Meloy, why are you so awesome?"
CM: "..."
Me: "I read about your EP of Morrissey covers. Seriously, why are you so awesome?"

I checked out some Graham Greene and Joseph Heller from the li-bary. I bought Interpol (Turn on the Bright Lights), "NYC" is sick- you think it's in 4/4 then those drums come in with the 3/8s and he keeps switching times in his singing; also bought LCD Soundsystem. I'm going to see Weezer and then Franz Ferdinand. I took a day off this week (Weds). Frickin' sweet.

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  1. I dunno what you mean about the mixed time in NYC. I always thought the drummer was just playing off-beats. Now I have to go back and listen again.